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  Welcome to Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal 

Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal is a South African trade and inward investment promotion agency, established to promote the province of KwaZulu-Natal as an investment destination and to facilitate trade by assisting local companies to access international markets. The organisation identifies, develops and packages investment opportunities in KwaZulu- Natal; provides a professional service to all clientele; brands and markets KwaZulu-Natal as an investment destination; retains and expands trade and export activities and links opportunities to the developmental needs of the KwaZulu-Natal community.

Business in KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu-Natal is South Africa’s second largest economy, contributing on average, 15.7%  (2011) to the country’s GDP. The province is strategically positioned by being home to two of Africa’s busiest and largest ports, Durban and Richards Bay. It also boasts the third highest export propensity and the second highest level of industrialisation in the country.The capital city of KwaZulu-Natal is Pietermaritzburg.  

KwaZulu-Natal is situated on the eastern seaboard of South Africa, it has direct access to both the Indian and Pacific Ocean rims. The regions strategic geographical position on world trade routes provides effortless access to major global markets, such as South America, Europe and Far East.

Our Assistance to


  • Assistance with incentive and export marketing incentives;
  • Assisting foreign investors with business permit applications; 
  • Provision of reliable information to investors;
  • Assisting investors to locate suitable premises;
  • Assisting investors to access project and operational finance. 

KwaZulu-Natal Fast Facts

Capital : Pietermaritzburg
Main cities and towns: Durban, Ulundi, Eshowe, Newcastle, Richards Bay
Premier: Mr Senzo Mchunu
Population: 10.7 million (2014 mid-year estimates)
Geographic Area: 94,361 square km
GDPR: R322,2-billion (US$39,2bn) (2012)
Contribution to RSA GDP: 15.8% (2012)
Per capita GDP: R30,392 (US$3,753) (2012)
Share of total SA area: 7.7%
Economically active population: 3,249 million (Q2:2014)
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  Press Office
  • Dutch investigating business avenues in KwaZulu-Natal

    A Netherlands Trade Mission Headed by Ms. Lidewijde Ongering, Netherlands’ Director General for Transport has arrived in SA on Sunday 6 July 2014. After meeting with Johannesburg and Cape Town based companies, the delegation ended their tour with a visit to Durban. The 13 member business delegation represents companies ranging in the maritime and renewable energy sectors. The companies are looking for local partners and representatives.

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